Videography & Photography

8 out of ten internet users watch videos online every single day. This is exactly why using a video marketing strategy as part of your digital marketing services can be beneficial. It adds to the visual appeal of your business by giving it a face and a voice recognized by hundreds and thousands of user on a daily basis.

You can add a video on your website’s homepage, in the about us section on a landing page inclusive of opt-in forms – these can help increase conversions by a whooping 78%. You could also add videos to your email newsletters to increase your click-through rates by 250 to 400%.

As a Video Production Company in Mumbai, Innovate Digital Media offers extensive guidelines on video making, brainstorming on a humongous range of ideas to whittle down to the best ones possible and creating + achieving a delectable visual treat as your ultimate video output.

New to video, motion graphics and animation? Here’s what Innovate Digital Media as a video agency can help you with!

  • Storyboarding
  • Script writing and editing service
  • Strategy – video marketing
  • Lighting equipment and professional videography/cinematography shoots using single or multi camera facility.
  • Video editing services
  • 2D, 3D and motion Graphics
  • Voice Over, subtitling and text to frame closed captioning
  • Setting up YouTube or similar video broadcasting channel

What kind of video production services do we offer?

  • Advertisements and Campaigns
  • Explainer and How-to videos
  • Company Detail Videos
  • Commercials and Short Promos
  • Product Shoots

Sounds enticing, let’s connect find out your ideal video production strategy for you today.

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