Media Planning and Buying

Media Planning and Buying

Negotiate. Strategize. Purchase!

Creating a campaign lifecycle can be a herculean task and with media planning and buying services you can purchase inventories by devising a plan that takes into consideration ‘the product being advertised, target audience base, as well as the core goals of the campaign executed.

Innovate Digital Media is a PPC company In India helping you budget your media spends and analyze ad placements space to activate a successful media campaign through paid search marketing and pay per click services.

Here’s how it works.

  • Devise a media plan
  • Strategize media campaigns
  • Negotiate prices and spends
  • Purchase ad placements (inventories)
  • Analyse and optimize the performance of your pay per click services campaign lifecycle

You can choose either of the services for your brand, however, to ensure that your media campaign runs for a longer duration with better performance, it is imperative to use both Media Planning and Media Buying in an efficient way.

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Unlike traditional media buying, programmatic media buying allows us to manage efficiently our advertising inventory by purchasing media in real-time based on factors like keywords, publication location, current ratings, and audience demographics. We at IDM have a full picture of the media space they’ve acquired for our clients and can handle the creation of each ad campaign efficiently.


With the adoption of programmatic advertising. Media buyers can bid on ad placements in real-time through instant auctions. When ad inventory is acquired, the media buying software automatically updates, allowing the buyer to quickly determine what other ad space they may buy for their client with their remaining advertising dollars. This allows the media buyer to more efficiently plan complete campaigns.


With programmatic advertising, we plan media buys in a more proactive manner by determining the best time and platforms for client campaigns. We at IDM can acquire inventory across a range of platforms, such as mobile, desktop, or tablet, and formats, such as display and video, using programmatic media buying. They buy advertising space depending on where their target audience is most likely to be at a given time. As a result of such precise targeting, higher quality leads are generated.


Media buying software provides us with a 360-degree view of all our client campaigns in one place. This allows us to adjust accordingly in real-time to increase performance success. Media buyers can reduce the risk of campaigns failing for clients by tracking performance in real time. We can monitor performance changes and react promptly to negative ones. Clients save money as a result of this, and have more advertising budgets to give to media buyers for use in their campaigns.


Automated processes are allowing media buyer’s to utilize their time more effectively, saving the agency money and allowing them to make smarter campaign selections with their client’s advertising budgets. Workflows have been simplified to give media buyers more time to develop relationships with their clients and truly understand campaign goals, allowing them to create campaigns that align with our client’s objectives.


We now provide self-serve media buying to our clients thanks to media buying software’s. We have access to our own media campaigns and benefit from streamlined procedures, which helps us to increase operational efficiency and streamline client communications. Clients can keep track of what their media buyers are working on and what campaigns are currently running. Along with having a clear picture of campaign expenses, budget use, and advertising design requirements.


All popular ad servers and exchanges are fully integrated with media buying technologies, which helps to remove the fear of adopting a media buying technology platform for higher-level management. The media buying solution centralizes all data from many sources, making campaign data interpretation faster and easier. These integrations boost flexibility and improve the efficiency of various workflows, making it easier to acquire media from a single platform.

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