Email and SMS Marketing

Email and SMS marketing

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Two personal and direct modes of marketing, Email and SMS are a perennial marketing module used by millions of brands to cater their services to their fellow patrons, existing and past user base as well as potential new consumer base. These are sent through means of a Mailing system and a SMS Subscription system.

SMS Marketing

One of the quickest and most efficient ways of reaching to your audience is always SMS. It is personal and has a high conversion rate. Meaning people who use cellular phones will always and always find SMS in their notification system allowing them to access your newest update in a click of a button.

Preparing and sending these Short Text Messages (SMS)as a means for business marketing is not time-efficient but helps drive results with minimal investments. SMS Marketing helps a brand to maximum number of customers in the shortest span of a couple minutes.

With regulated analytics and reports, you can exclude hard bounces and soft bounces from your SMS Subscription list as they may no longer be valid. You can see your client’s reaction in terms of impressions and clicks as well.

Email Marketing

We help you manage your email database through timely updates in the form of email marketing. We curate a list of your database, create brand appropriate templates with editable blocks as well as HTML to deliver email campaigns to the user’s inbox.

Like SMS Marketing, Email Marketing too has the benefit of reaching to your consumer base quickly and positively. We can help you spread the word about a new product launch, sales, new insights, awards and recognition and loads more to your database with the help of your mailing list.

Let’s connect to create SMS / Email Campaigns as well as WhatsApp Marketing India based campaigns that reach out to the customers in less words and larger visual representation!


Why plan to launch your products or services through traditional text messages or through SMS? It’s time for the latest marketing tool:- WhatsApp Marketing. WhatsApp Marketing is one of the great ways to begin marketing where you can launch your products or services to your potential customers worldwide. If you are looking for any righteous WhatsApp service provider, then you have landed in the correct place. We always work parallely with the new innovation which takes place in the market. Our team works very confidently and attentively to attain the goal of our clients.

WhatsApp is the cross-platform that has revolutionized the messaging world. It is a convenient way for people to chat and share media files like photos, videos, and voice notes and is also engaged in secure conversation anytime. This is a very easy way to share anything with anyone whether they are far or near to you.

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